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Fran and Miles Hale  
Model Railroading University
508 South Cedar Street  
Belton, MO   64012  

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 Master's Degree

Classes are individually scheduled to fit the student. Call to schedule.

Hands on Program with

  • Scenery for Cities
  • Country Landscaping
  • Building Construction
  • Weathering
  • Advanced Details

20 hours of classes 


Master's Program Outline:

I.    Scenery for Cities
  A. Backgrounds for depth
  B. Flats and other transitions
  C. Building arrangements

D. Details make the city alive

II.    Country Landscaping
  A. Backgrounds
  B. Transitions that work
  C. Flats, hills, mountains
  D. Grass, bushes, trees
  E. Details and tricks
III.    Building Construction
  A. Foundations
  B. Wall assembly
  C. Roofs and their details
  D. Weathering made easy
  E. Details for the real world
IV.    Details
  A. Roadside
  B. City scenes that fascinate
  • 100% NMRA Master Model Railroader Teaching Faculty.
  • Individual work stations in a professional model shop and fully equipped learning campus.
  • Tuition for one course is $950, two courses $1,800, all 3 courses $2,600; includes materials. Hotel & meal information available.
  • All classes are held in Kansas City, Missourri, at 5608 N. Mercier Drive, starting Thursday at 5:00 P.M. and ending Saturday evening.

Graduates of our Master's Degree program
Above is a photo of some of our proud graduates of our
Master's Degree program and their instructors.


MRU Instructor Miles Hale is currently featured on
the DIY Network's Workin' on the Railroad series...

For more information or to register, contact:

Fran and Miles Hale  
Model Railroading University
508 South Cedar Street  
Belton, MO   64012  

phone 816-588-2302


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